See Fossils at Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park, located in Glen Rose TX, is more than 1,500 acres along the Paluxy River. While the park opened in 1972, the history dates back to the early Cretaceous Period—approximately 113 million years ago—when the rock varieties (sandstone, limestone, and mudstone) were deposited to form the landscape as we know it today. This area was made famous by the discovery of dinosaur tracks in the landmass known at the Glen Rose Formation.

Visitors to Dinosaur Valley State Park can enjoy a host of activities. Some popular pastimes are paddling on or swimming in the Paluxy River, hiking or biking along the 20 miles of trails through the wilderness, discovering the park via horseback, and of course, mapping the dinosaur tracks along the riverbed. You truly could spend most of the day immersed in ancient history here at this National Natural Landmark.

Our Texas Bed and Breakfast is just under a 30 minute drive to Dinosaur Valley State Park. Be sure to join us for a home cooked breakfast in our dining room before you set off. We’ll fill you up with hot coffee, fresh baked goods, and specialty dishes before you hit the road. Let us know if you’re planning on having a picnic and we’ll pack one up for you, complete with sandwiches, salads, fruit, and dessert. It’s the best way to enjoy lunch at Dinosaur Valley State Park.

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Dinosaur Valley State Park

Beautiful Texas Scenes at Dinosaur Valley State Park

When you explore the landscape at Dinosaur Valley State Park you can’t help but imagine the giant ancient creatures that used to roam this land before humans existed. Even more so when you see the enormous footprints left in the muddy banks of the Paluxy River.

Here are six of the best things to do at Dinosaur Valley State Park:

  • Mapping the Dinosaur Tracks: There are five main track sites at Dinosaur Valley State Park. The two types of tracks here belong to dinosaurs called Sauropods and Theropods. If you download the mapping data to your phone you can open the tool in an app like google maps and see where all the tracks have been recorded.
  • Hiking and Mountain Biking: You’ll find 20 miles of trails here for hiking and biking. There are 12 specific routes varying in length and difficulty. The rated easy 1.9 mile Paluxy River Trail might be best for those just starting to enjoy hiking, you’ll find some dinosaur tracks on this one. For those who enjoy a hiking or biking challenge, the 7.5 mile Cedar Brake Outer Loop is the best choice for breaking a sweat.
  • Swimming in the Paluxy River: While the Paluxy River is often too shallow for paddling, it’s a popular swimming destination. In the summer due to heat the river actually stops flowing, creating small pools perfect for a dip.
  • Plan for a Picnic: There are many shaded and open areas to stop for a picnic while exploring Dinosaur Valley State Park. As we said above, we offer a delicious lunch option for you to bring with you on your adventure!
  • Take a Guided Tour on Horseback: The Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company offers visitors a new perspective by saddling up on one of their docile and trained steeds. The group takes you along the hiking trails to view in the sights and scenic outlooks.
  • Try Your Hand at Fishing: The Paluxy River is home to many species of fish. You might come across a few kinds of Catfish and Bass, as well as Bluegill and freshwater Drum. The shallow pooling areas make for beginning fishing a fun pastime.

After your visit to Dinosaur Valley State Park, you’ll be right nearby another Texas attraction, the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Here you’ll find thousands of species of animals protected and cared for—from big cats to giraffes and reptiles to birds.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

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