Visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Near our Granbury Bed and Breakfast

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Giraffes in Texas? It’s true, the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center near Granbury, Texas has more than 1,100 animals of 50 different species. Many of which are on the endangered species list and almost all of which you might not expect to see on your trip to the Lone Star State. For over 30 years, the folks running the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center have been dedicated to conservation and creating a safe place for these animals.

Just about a half hour south from our Granbury Bed and Breakfast, you’ll find a safari in Texas, from big cats to giraffes and rare birds to gazelles, a visit to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an exotic experience. You can opt for a self-guided tour from your own vehicle or take one of the single-group tours with a knowledgable guide in the safari cabs, which gives you access to some back roads not available to personal vehicles.

The town of Granbury in central Texas is one of those special small towns with charming storefronts, delicious restaurants, and tons of southern hospitality. It’s also been named the “Best Little Historic Small Town” in the country by USA Today. When you stay with us at The Blue Heron Bed and Breakfast you’ll be within walking distance to all that Granbury has to offer, but feel completely secluded on our private lakefront property. We can’t wait to be your host! Book with us today

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Unforgettable Moments at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

It’s not everyday that you get to hand feed safari animals, watch a cheetah run, or pet a zebra. On a trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, you’ll have the once in a lifetime experience to see these animals up-close and roaming free. Spring hours are 8:30-4:30pm for admission and the park closes officially at 6:30pm.

Here are 7 things to know about Fossil Rim Wildlife Center before you go:

  1. The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is, and always has been, about the animals. It began as a passion project and evolved into something much bigger, saving species on the endangered lists. The Grevy’s Zebras were the first species to be successfully bred at the center, which in turn, made them a part of the Species Survival Plan of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association.
  2. More than 200 South African Cheetahs have been born here! The 1,800 acre park is home to around 1,100 animals of 50 different species. On your tour here, you’ll see giraffes, zebras, beautiful birds from parrots to ostrich, and rhinoceros.
  3. Animal conservation is the greatest goal at The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, one example of how this works is the Scimitar-Horned Onyx, which were at one time fully extinct in the wild. In 2016, Onyx that had been bred in captivity were successfully reintroduced, and some of the current calves from Fossil Rim may eventually be released back into their natural habitat.
  4. Another important focus is land conservation, they are working tirelessly to maintain their land for the long-term use for generations of animals, while cultivating a healthy habitat and mitigating their environmental footprint.
  5. The group guided tours last about two hours and take you along the 7.2 mile Gosdin Scenic Drive, as well as a few extra peeks behind the scenes along staff only roads. They can take groups up to 10 people and everyone will get one cup of food to feed the animals.
  6. The Overlook Cafe at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is currently offering to go orders for its famous Philly cheesesteaks and burgers and fries. It’s a nice spot to grab a quick lunch!
  7. The Children’s Animal Center is currently closed, but with hopes of reopening in the near future. For now, make sure to pop into the Nature Center for T-shirts, stuffed animals, and souvenirs, where all of the proceeds help with the care and feeding of the animals.

Tickets must be purchased online before you go, more information can be found here.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Amazing Lake Views at our Granbury Bed and Breakfast

When you’re returned from your safari, we’re here ready for happy hour with a glass of wine or tasty margarita. Sit back, relax, and take in the lake views and our 2-acre beautiful grounds. Our 1890 Bed and Breakfast feels historic, but has been updated with modern amenities and comfortable appointments. From our cozy upstairs game room, the bright blue dock on the lake, or elegant gazebo we aren’t lacking in places to reset.

The mornings at the Blue Heron B&B are one of our favorite parts of the day, the gorgeous sunrise over the lake and the quiet as the world wakes up. You’ll find us in the kitchen, preparing our four-course breakfast menu, which is ever-changing, but expect items like fresh-made biscuits or muffins, fresh fruit, and savory entrees. Start planning your next vacation to Granbury, Texas and book a room today!

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