Some of the best food in Granbury is served at this B&B, but it will be hard to pin down just what the menu may be for that morning. I love food and cooking for people is a passion of mine so who knows what might end up on the menu. Just a few samples of what may end up on your plate…homemade biscuits or blueberry muffins, fresh yogurt with berries and granola, crepes with drunken cherry sauce, pancakes, grilled pork chops with fried apples, scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes, smoked pork loin with eggs and fresh salsa.

Oh and let’s not forget dessert. YES dessert for breakfast. My grandmother always said “everything in that pie is fresh ingredients and it is good enough for breakfast!”. Grab a fork and dig into homemade apple pie, mixed berry cobblers or cream cheese pound cake to go along with your breakfast.

When at a Blue Heron B&B, just sit back, relax, and savor good food so you aren’t too hungry when enjoying all the things to do in Granbury

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Give The Gift of Blue Heron B&B This Christmas

Give your loved one a very special gift of a stay at Blue Heron B&B.  We offer gift certificates in many amounts.